SSL configured but page is still not secure

Hello, I have integrated the Intercom chat and help center on my site however the SSL is not showing a secure page.
Can you take a look - here is the link to the page that I need to secure support.flowation dot com/en/
and link to documentation developers.intercom dot com/installing-intercom/docs/set-up-your-custom-domain?showHidden=f2cb6
I configured the Cloudflare settings for SSL and crashed the site when it was set to Flexible. It is set to Full.
Thank you.

As mentioned in quite a few threads, choosing that mode is a bad choice as it will remove all security from your site and keep it insecure.

It should not be Full either, but Full Strict.

Thank you. I have set the SSL to Full Strict. This did not solve the problem I mentioned regarding the SSL certificate on the page. Is there anything else you recommend?

That’s because your service provider did not issue a secure certificate for you.

However, Cloudflare accepting also the CNAME, you can simply proxy the record and it will work.

Just make sure you are on Full Strict, otherwise you wouldn’t have encryption.

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