SSL Configuration with HAProxy handling SSL certs via Let's Encrypt

Hi all,

What is the correct SSL setup for me? I am running HAProxy on my local network which is also running Certbot and doing my SSL termination with Let’s Encrypt.

I am having some issues getting my HAProxy working correctly and I would just like to know that my Cloudflare config is correct.

Currently, I have my SSL set to Full Strict and Universal SSL from Cloudflare disabled. Is there anything else I would need to do to get things working with my setup?



That’s good.

That not so much, unless you purchased a dedicated certificate from Cloudflare. By disabling Universal SSL you removed the proxy certificate and your site won’t load on HTTPS via the proxies.

When using Cloudflare you need two certificates. One on your server (which you seem to have) and one on the proxies. The latter is a Universal certificate or a paid dedicated one.

For your server, you can also look into Origin certificates which Cloudflare issues for free and are available for download in the SSL part.

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