SSL configuration: How to found IPs related to cloudflare Namespaces


I am totally new to DNS & SSL setup and I have discovered Cloudflare yesterday, so I may make some mistakes.

I set up a domain name on my website, but there is no HTTPS at the moment and I want the connection to be encrypted between server and user.

After getting up the Cloudflare namespaces for my domain, I have to change them on my domain provider website.
When I change the namespaces, they ask me for the related IP addresses.

Where can I find this information?

Your site needs to be secure first without Cloudflare is it?

Thank for your answer/question :slight_smile:

There is no HTTPS at all for the moment. I believe that Cloudflare SSL security will help me to reach https.

For information: I deploy my server using Heroku service (free)

EDIT: I am talking about Nameservers not Namespaces

I am sorry, but you are wrong in this context. Your server needs to be secure first. You best talk to your host about. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, it will also work with Cloudflare.

OK, I misunderstand the problem. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

For those who will find this post, the following post seems to answer my previous question:

Sure, resolving against Cloudflare servers will give you the proxy addresses, but that’s not SSL related and you really need to fix the security issue on your server before you do anything with Cloudflare.

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