SSL Configuration for HaProxy behind Cloudflare

Greetings! I tried searching here, and on Google, and the responses were widely varied, so partdon if this is a repetitive question. What steps do I need to take to get the SSL certs generated properly for HaProxy running SSL behind Cloudflare?

When I combine the keys as I do in standard configuration, I get the fatal error “There are inconsistencies between the certificate, and the key files provided”. It seems that copying the global wildcard keys and concatenating them won’t work.

What exact steps to take to create the correct keys as Cloudflare needs my HaProxy to run?

Also, what regexp, if any, should I add to assist in private client settings?

Thank you for any help you can provide! I have to run SSL on both the HaProxy, and the Nginx go behind.

Do I understand correctly, you are asking how to configure a Cloudflare Origin certificate on your proxy?

A regular expression? How and why?

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