SSL configuration big problem

ok I switch Ftp and mail to “orange / proxy” …

You cant do that, assuming you use that host for FTP, as your FTP connection would break otherwise.

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As @sandro and the linked tutorial said, you can’t proxy non HTTP services. For services like FTP, mail etc. the clouds should be set to :grey:, this can have the side effect of exposing your origin IP but there is nothing you can do about it is you use these setvices on these subdomains.

We recreate the lets encrypt local certificate on the server but a

look on the domain via IE still shows a certificate error …

ok, thanks we switch back to “grey”

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There really is little point in censoring the domain at this point :slight_smile:

You issued the certificate only for your naked domain and not the www host. You need to include the latter when you have the certificate issued.

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