SSL config for subdomain

I am on the free plan. Cloudflare is my registrar.

I have a domain with A records for

I’ve been using DDNS providers to point at the IP for my NAS which is also the same address as I now have pointed to. The DDNS domains have SSL working through letsencrypt. All good.

The question is, can I simultaneously have a valid cert for The cloudflare cert says, * So I thought that should work. Is the issue just time for propagation and it will sort itself out? Or is there something else I need to configure?

If the ‘private’ hostname is set to :grey:, it won’t get Cloudflare SSL. It needs to be set to :orange: for Cloudflare to proxy it with HTTPS.

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Thanks. I must have misread I thought I couldn’t turn on the proxy with https. I’ll try that now.

@sdayman, O.K. turned on the proxy but the cert for the subdomain still isn’t valid. Is there a certain amount of time before the change is active?

Your server blocks me, but it has a valid Cloudflare certificate.

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@sdayman yeah I think I’m just seeing a local caching issue in my lan. I have firewalla running so I’m guessing that is the issue.


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