SSL: CNAME not propagating

Im unable to update my CNAME because currently my website SSL is not working and its killiing my business. Kindly help in restoring it. I message ipage and I was told to add the cname but after doing that the case sentives changes to lowercase and i was told its wont work unless its all on uppercase. Please help and treat.

I am confused on their setup. There is an rfc for making DNS records be case-insensitive. However, if your CNAME is :orange: then you should probably change it to :grey:.

Thanks for your reply. Im unable to change to upper case. Im so cofused.

For the CNAME DNS record you created. Change the :orange: icon at the right to :grey:.


Thanks for your reply. I have done that still not working and still changes to lower case… im just confused

I don’t think this is a DNS record name issue, as @Cyb3r-Jak3 noted that they are case-insensitive.

iPage Support says the Value is case-sensitive, which I can believe. But what that CNAME record resolves to is not even close to what they say it should be:

 % dig +short CNAME

Thanks for your response. Please what do you suggest i do because am tired and loosing client.

It has been like this for more than 72 hours

Really can’t help you with that…that domain isn’t using Cloudflare. You’ll have to get assistance from the parties involved (Domain Registar/DNS Provider/iPage).

% dig +short NS


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