Ssl cloudflare problems

Can i know why its showing in this way ? Its show only in my wifi network ??? And i dont know if its show globally or not. I need some help

Your configuration is blocking me (Ray ID: 71307e408f19a234) with a 1020 error from visiting in an isolated browser.

However, SSL Checker and Web Sniffer are loading it fine though.

For the error 1020 i am blocking some countrys from accessing my site . But whi its show privacy error. Maybe its my wifi network?

Are you using a Cloudflare origin certificate or a self-signed certificate on your origin server? If changes were made recently, your DNS may be cached and still resolving directly to your origin for you.

I have connected this domain to Cloudflare pages under the deployment section. The origin is attached with the default ssl from Cloudflare pages. I have just connected the custom domain with the root domain and with the www.
When i try to acces the site from another network its work fine . Its just my network . And i dont know why

Is you click on the Advanced link, you should be able to get more information on the certificate.

That should provide a pretty big clue as to what’s going on.

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now is better to connect an custom domain to Cloudflare pages or just to forward with pages rules???

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