SSL/CloudFlare is not loading the website

I’m having problems with my clients website loading. We’re on the PRO plan, but we’re continually getting these messages. When I remove Cloudflare from the domain, the website is able to load, so I know it’s not a hosting problem. The website also loaded fine for the entire time we’ve been on Cloudflare (about 3 or 4 years) so I’m not sure what’s happening.

Can someone help? Otherwise I’m going to have to cancel Cloudflare and go elsewhere. Thanks so much!

And if you told us what you actually mean we could even have a look at it :wink:

Or are you referring to the 526 error?

Sorry, I figured it was pretty obvious once you went to the website, but yes. I’m speaking about the 526 SSL error.

Well, depending on the error it could be that someone else gets a different error than you. Hence it is better to be specific and not just refer to it by “these messages”.

Anyhow, that error is pretty straightforward and explained in the linked article. Basicaly, you have an invalid (most likely expired) certificate on your server, which you need to renew. Check out the article.

I didn’t see the link in your message, but I found the article and figured it out. The servers SSL certificate expired and I had my SSL on Full (strict) instead of Full on Cloudflare.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the initial message!

Discourse turns certain links straight into a sort of info box.

No worries :slight_smile:

Though it is better to keep it strict. If you dont want to renew your existing certificate take a look at Cloudflare’s Origin certificates, which are free and trusted by Cloudflare (hence strict works).

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