SSL - [Cloudflare]: Certificate renewal for (my domain)


I got a email about that my SSL certificate renewal process for my domain need to re-approve. The link on the mail was not working.

No my profile page it says:

What i need to do anything?


I have the same issue. I tried to re-approve my domain but somehow it doesn’t work.

What I did (according requested by the Email from cloudflare):
1.) Added the DNS record:
_xxxxxx CNAME
in the panel of my hoster
2.) Clicked the link from the Email below
checked the checkbox
clicked the “Approve Certificate” button
Since I already tried the following today and yesterday I think something goes wrong.
Then the following error occurs: “An error occurred while attempting to validate your domain. Please try again later or contact support for assistance.”

In the cloudflare panel I can see too, that there are some certificates with “Pending Validation (HTTP)” status.

I am curious if this is an issue and what measures have to be taken to solve it.

Best Regards

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