SSL Client/IOrigin Question?

Hi team,

I am new here and a newbie.

I need to create an SSL certificate for an external website (SolarWinds) to map their website via my domain (find below the doc).
Domain Mapping (

I want to ask your help on what SSL should I get a Client Certificate? Origin Server Certificate? They asked me to get a certificate chain as well…

I would appreciate any idea or tip.

Many thanks,

you can simply set the SSL to Full ( strict ) and wait for 30 mins to propagate

Thats good bit he need certif on origin and to use full strick. I gennertaed from my clodflate account and work fine.

This is what you need. The Client Certificate, you mentioned, is used for client certificate authentication and not applicable in your case.

For that you can also include the certificate’s parent certificate, which you’ll get at

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