SSL changes to Flexible, and I have to change it back to Full

When I add a new site, I see that SSL/TLS is automatically set to “Full”. But then when I make it live the site has errors (too many redirects). I go back to the SSL/TLS page, and it’s changed to “Flexible”! I change it back to “Full”, and the error goes away.

Why is it changing?

Is there a way that I can set it to “Full” on the account level for all sites, so that I don’t have to remember to change it each time?

Check your audit log to see why the rule is changing back.

Unfortunately there is not.

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I made a site live at 12:33am (it’s 12:54am now) and watched the log for when it changed. I see the change, but there’s no explanation of why; just that it did.


zone SSL

New Value:

Audit Record:

{ "name": "SSL", "type": "crypto", "value": "flexible", "zone_name": "" }

Is your site hooked up to any third party tools? Stuff like wordpress plugins?

No, it’s all hand rolled on a dedicated server. The server is CentOS 7.9, using WHM/cPanel.

It’s not a huge problem, I just have 100 of these to go through and I have to remember to change this manually about 15 minutes after I update the nameservers. But since the site is down until I make that change, it means that I can’t do anything until after midnight (when site traffic is minimal).

You might want to look at something like Terraform to help automate your sites and keep them the same.

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