SSL Certs with CF versus host

I am hosted with A2 Hosting but also use Cloudflare with SSL settings on Full.
My host automatically provides SSL on autorenew, but the autorenew doesn’t work if traffic is routed through Cloudflare, so their process is I have to turn off CF once every two months renew the SSL and then turn on CF again.

My host provides SSL for the following domains/subdomains. My understanding is that CF’s SSL covers the domains that my visitors see (i.e. and, but does it also cover the sub-domains listed below, or do I need to deal with these via my host.

If there is a help file located somewhere that I’ve missed I’ll be happily pointed to it! TIA, Sarah

A better way is to generate an origin certificate from Cloudflare and install it in your host. So you don’t have to worry about SSL renewal. Then,

Make it Full (Strict) please.

Cloudflare issues wildcard certificate. So one-level deep subdomains are covered.

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Thank you, worked perfectly.

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