Ssl certificates y

my domain only has the ssl certificate with and I want it to be with both

Your domain is not using Cloudflare services.

Kindly, contact your hostin provider for this.

Furthermore, you would either have to:

  1. Purchase an SSL certificate which covers both your naked (root) domain and www sub-domain from one of the SSL certificate providers
  2. Or generate an SSL certificate using tools like Let’s Encrypt
  3. Or the hosting provider should provide you the needed SSL certificate
  4. Or if you would like to use Cloudflare, you could also purchase a dedicated SSL certificate or use an Cloudflare Origin CA certificate in case if you do not have one

But ‘www’ is using Cloudflare, so this would seem to be a CNAME setup. Though @fritexvz is correct. Your host needs to take care of this for your root domain.

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