SSL Certificates wont update

My Certificate for the domain was about to expire this month so I renew it for two years from the certificate authority that I allways purchase it.
Now when I go to from outside the domain I get a cloudflare certificate that will expire the same time as the old one. It will not show the new one that expire two years form now.
If I go from inside the domain then it show the proper certificate so I know my IIS is configure properly. So why cloudlflare add their own certificate and how I bypass this? I try to disable SSL and nothing work if I do this

What’s the expiration date for the Cloudflare certificate?

October 9 2020
The only thing that make sense is that Cloudflare will read the new certificate near the expiration date.
I was wondering if is a way to force the update

There’s no good reason to force the update. Cloudflare will renew at least a week before the expiration date.

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