SSL Certificates untrusted by browser

Free cloudflare account, generated my ssl universal certificate, but my browser keeps rejecting them even though SSL checkers say they are good. My host is a synology which says they need an RSA cert, but when look up my edge cert it’s a ecdsa. So is this my problem? How do I change my universal cert to RSA?

May I ask what SSL option have you got selected?

  • Full SSL, Flexible SSL …

Is the record to your synology being :orange: or :grey: cloud?

Have you installed an SSL certificate to your synology?

SSL option is Full
A records to the synology are dns only (being updated via ddns by a script the synology)
Yes, I have installed my certs (private key, crt, and origin cert) on the synology (followed these Setting up Cloudflare with a Synology NAS - Cross Connected instructions)
Using DNSSEC everywhere and it’s enabled. My DNS servers are cloudflares (

When did you get the SSL certificate?

I got my cert about a month ago

What’s the link? is my cert
my domain is

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