SSL certificates stopping working

Anybody else having problems with SSL certificates stopping working?

What do you mean by stop working? Are you getting an error with a domain and if so then what domain?

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When I say stop working have a look at this screenshot.

Currently the sites are working but this has happened twice in the past 2 days.
These are the domains:
‘pest-control-products dot net’
‘burglarfreezone dot com’

I checked your site. It is currently set to :grey: DNS Only. This is helpful as it allows us to identify the problem lies with the certificate employed on the origin server. As the error message indicates, the certificate does not contain the apex domain or the www hostname. It contains other hostnames in your domain, but not the ones needed by your normal web traffic.

The certificate appears to be created by the cPanel at your hosting provider. Depending on the support they offer, it may be useful to consult their support options. Once the certificate on your origin server has been fixed to include the hostnames used by your website, you will be able to set your site back to :orange: proxied.

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Thanks for that. I’ve checked with my hosting provider and they don’t have a clue.

Is there anyway I can do it myself?

Probably, but cPanel not being my jam, I can’t point you toward any ready to follow instructions. Maybe another Community member will have an idea.

cPanel has a forum that may have members who have dealt with similar problems.

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This reply from one of my colleagues in another topic may be relevant.

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My hosting company have now said that when they bypass Cloudflare everything is working correctly. Is there anyway I can get Cloudflare support to talk with my hosting company?

Can you tell me how I can check if I have enabled any SSL certificates at the Cloudflare end.

This URL tests the SSL certificate : www DOT sslshopper DOT com/ssl-checker DOT html?hostname=pest-control-products DOT net

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