SSL certificates for third party domains


I’m working on a new project which makes static sites available to endusers. Let’s say I’m generating the site and make it accessible at Using cloudflare CDN, the customer domain is going to be served via HTTPS. Working as expected.

Is it somehow possible to let the customer set a CNAME record to and get a certificate issued by cloudflare by whatever domain the customer is using?

For example: -> CNAME -> (which serves a valid certificate for

I know that this could be done by pointing the customer to use his/her own cloudflare account, but to make things simple that’s currently not an option.

I could set up my own solution for this using a webserver that stores and requests certificates from LetsEncrypt for but is there a way to do this with cloudflare?

I’ve looked at SSL for SaaS providers is this what this is for?

I can only see this working on a Business or Enteprise plan.

  1. You’ll need to make your own certificate with all those hostnames, then upload it. And that’s going to be a crowded list of domains on that certificate.
  2. You’re also asking for a CNAME setup, which is only available on the higher tier plans.

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