SSL certificated isnt make my Https green

Hi Guys, my site is not green, i thing this is not a good signal. I already install Cloudflare plugin, my Cloudflare setup is all ok, and i dont have mixed content in my pages.
How make https be green?


I suspecting if you clear browswer cache, the site will load fine. Or, try from incognito browser/mobile and let us know if you’re still not seeing the secure site.

Yes sure, i did try incognito, apparently everything looks ok, but it’s not green yet

I can confirm the @cloonan’s findings


What you describe is typically mixed content and could occur because of some cached resources. Can you open the console tab of your browser developer tools, reload your site, and post a screenshot of it here?

Also check out the network tab whether there are any plain HTTP requests listed.


Sure, sorry for delay, I check here too, there are some http but is Google

None of these should be the reason for the issue. I was referring to the console tab however, not the HTML source.

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