SSL certificate working on mobile but not on pc. Web app deployed on Azure

Hey guys, I have been struggling with this problem for 2-3 days now. I have a .net mvc app deployed on Azure and I have bought a domain name from and I am also using CF. All of my setup is done the way it should, I created a new SSL certificate for my app on CF, uploaded it on Azure. I created the necessary bindings for my domain names (, * on azure. And set the SSL Encryption type to Full in CF (I tried flexible, full(strict) as well, but none of it works on pcs). Everything seems fine on my mobile but not on any desktop machine. It comes up with an error (Windows does not have enought information to verify this certificate). I’ve been banging my head against the wall for days now please someone help me. I also tried on other pcs, it’s not just mine, any desktop machine won’t accept it.

On the same network?

It works for me

Check to make sure your local / network DNS resolver isn’t caching the incorrect record.

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Ok, so this morning I woke up, checked the website on my desktop - https works fine. Checked on mobile also fine. 2 hours later it’s broken again on both. I haven’t done anything to it. I don’t understand.

Could it be because I switched the ssl encryption to flexible, none, full and I was just playing with it yesterday on CF. How much time does it take for those changes to take effect?

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