SSL certificate validity period is a bit strange

I applied for a free one-year SSL, and then changed the DNS to yours. Why does the certificate show only 3 months?

The validity of the proxy certificate cannot be controlled by you. You can only set the validity of the Origin certificate. That’s what you referred to and what you installed on your server, right?

No, I understand that the display here should also be one year. Unless I misunderstood.

You did not install a certificate on your server?

I installed SSL for a year
So it is normal to show 3 months here?

On your server?

And yes, that validity period is typical for certificates, in particular Let’s Encrypt ones.

Ok, thank you.
I also want to ask, I saw a prompt, is the SSL expiration follow-up fee automatic? Is it different and reinstall it on my server?

You still need to maintain your server certificate manually and renew it whenever it expires.

I see, thank you.
Can I use the Origin Certificates provided by you?


My understanding is that before the certificate expires, just install Origin Certificates on my server?

It doesn’t matter which certificate, you just need to make sure the server has a proper certificate. That’s all.

Haha, i get it, i’m glad to thank you for your answer

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