SSL Certificate Validation on TXT Record Issue


Hello Community, this is my first post.

Here’s my issue.
I have two sites that operate under my domain we will call
One is the root the other is a subdomain is using CloudFlare and WPE, while uses a MediaTemple DV.
CloudFlare is managing the DNS records for this.

I am attempting to install an SSL Certificate for the subdomain on the DV.
In order for the SSL Issuer to validate ownership, they request an added TXT record on the DNS.

I have added the TXT record to the DNS within CloudFlare’s control panel. However, it is apparently not being exposed to the public DNS, which means they cannot validate.

I’ve been struggling to understand whether this is a CloudFlare firewall issue or something else. I’ve never experienced this issue before, this is my first experience with a CDN and this is my first experience with CloudFlare.

All advice and expertise is welcomed!

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