Ssl certificate valid by certifying entities

Hello, I have the following doubt:

Can I configure an SSL certificate valid in Cloudflare by a certifying entity?

How can I do it? Cloudflare provides this type of certificate?

I am not quite sure what you mean and you would need to rephrase that for clarification but if you are somewhat not happy with Cloudflare’s universal certificates you can always purchase a dedicate one.


I need to remove a key from my SSL certificate for my host that points to an app on my server.

Can I create it from this configuration that I found in Cloudflare?

Estimado, perdón el español, pero estamos en el foro de nuestro idioma… me es más fácil de expresar que el inglés. TU consulta es: ¿cómo EVITAR que el certificado de Cloudflare esté activo en NAV… el subdominio, o quieres activar TU PROPIO CERTIFICADO? Dime qué opción, es muy sencillo.

The Origin certificate Cloudflare makes is for your domain, and any subdomain. In your picture, you could click the X to delete * and then type in www in that box. When you type in www, the window will show, so click that to add it to the certificate.

If you’re talking about the certificate your visitors see, it doesn’t show It only shows and * In this example, are you saying you don’t want to work over HTTPS? If so, then no, you can not remove * from Cloudflare’s public certificates.