SSL certificate valid, but not trusted

Hi everyone

I’m not an expert on this, but I’ve managed to add a free, flexible certificate in my website.
Apparently everything should be working fine, but no web browser accepts the certificate.
They all say it’s untrutsted.

I’ve tryed to read some of the apparently similar threads, but some of them were just to complicated to understand.

Anyway, here is the website:


The certificate is valid, but it is pointing to:
I don’t have a clue what that website is. Apparently it’s another organization nothing to do with us.

I’ve asked my host service and they say it’s not their problem… :confused:

Any thoughts or solutions? (please explain me as if I was a child, as I’m not an expert, just the communicator of Dialekta Foundation)

Thanks a lot

Hey, you should go to your DNS tab, find the records with names www and, and click on the grey cloud :grey: so that they turn orange :orange:.


Thank you!! That was it! So simple!

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