SSL Certificate (Universal) Expired and not auto-renewing


My SSL certificate expired on 5th September 2023 for my website [Mount Shine](, but it is not renewing. I read a few articles that it will auto-renew, but nothing has happened so far. Can anyone please help?

That’s not your universal certificate, you don’t even have Cloudflare’s proxy :orange: enabled that would use it.

The cert that expired is the one on your origin web server, at DigitalOcean. You’ll need to get it renewed, or replace it with a new valid certificate.

You could try to get the Let’s Encrypt cert renewed, or enable Cloudflare proxy :orange: for the apex ( and www dns records, and get an Origin CA Cert issued by Cloudflare and only trusted by the proxy, Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs, and install that on your origin web server (the one at DigitalOcean)


Thanks for the clarification. I’ve enabled proxy settings now, and you were right that the SSL certificate was expired from the server side.

I disabled the proxy as I was getting issues related to indexing in the Google Search Console. Hopefully, the errors won’t come again, or else I will have to re-install the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

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