Ssl certificate to cloudfare ssl certificate

I want to migrate my SSL certificate to Cloudfare
Before I already had Cloudflare signed certificate later I changed my host(infinity free) to another host by complete deletion of databases to award space hosting and again I face some problem with that hosting so I came back to my past hosting but now I see another signed certificate (not Cloudflare) with server’s certificate chain incomplete how can migrate back to Cloudflare?
I didn’t find my signed certificate anywhere to delete it
Please help
My website:

Hi @srirahul0301,

I am not clear on what the issue is here. As long as you have a valid certificate on your server and your SSL mode set to Full (strict), you should be fine. Your site loads for me with a Cloudflare certificate, so just make sure that the part between Cloudflare and your server is secured by a certificate there.

bandicam 2021-01-04 19-32-24-556
i do use full(strict)
How to solver this issue?
Thanks for your immediate response!

How long ago did you change the nameservers to Cloudflare? It works for me, but DNS still seems to be propagating.

Thank you for the response
its been 5 hrs I guess

Thank you its working good now!

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