SSL certificate tests failed

Hello I allow myself to call for help.
I obviously configured cloudflare correctly for my domain because it works ( However during different SSL test I got errors even the cloudflare integrity checking tool gives me errors. Thank you in advance for your help.

You have set the minimum TLS to v 1.3. This is likely to give errors with tools that are currently limited to TLS 1.2, and you will not receive connections from any users running older browsers.

The current recommendation would be to enable TLS v1.3, and to set the minimum level to TLS v1.2.

Also your MX record points at an :orange: hostname. The target of the MX needs to be :grey:.

Dear friends thank you a thousand times for your help !!!
You solved my problem, I had indeed set the minimum level to TLS v1.3.
Thank-you for your prompt response !
I will finish adjusting the MXs.
Have a good day.

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