SSL Certificate Subject Name Change Inquiry

Hi, I am having a problem with the SSL certificate.

The certificate now contains the private key and the chain is shown as normal. However, an error occurs in the subject name. Can I change the subject name?

The contents of the error are as follows.

Set-AdfsSslCertificate: PS0319:‘The certificate specified by Thumbprint has a non-dotted (short) subject name (e.g. fabrikam) and cannot be used.
Please specify a certificate representing the federation service name (e.g. that does not contain a dotless (short) subject name and try again.’ AD FS server with an error
Validation operation’Test-_InternalAdfsSslCertificate’ of server’localhost’ failed.


Too hard because of the SSL certificate.

I created a CSR on the server as shown in Figure 1.
However, when you add it to the server, it changes to CN = CloudFlare Origin Certificate.
OU = CloudFlare Origin CA
O = CloudFlare, Inc.
The value has also changed.

The subject alternative name identifies my domain.

But I can’t use it like this.

How do I change the subject name?

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

When you say you ‘can’t use it like this’ - can you clarify what you mean? Cloudflare Origin certificates are designed to only be used when the hostname is protected by Cloudflare - browsers and other HTTP clients will not recognise & trust that certificate, only Cloudflare will.

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