SSL Certificate Status is Authorizing Certificate for more than 24 hours

I connected my domain with Cloudflare Free and plan to later move to the $20 paid package, once I have evaluated your services. However, my site does not work over HTTP(S) as yet and its been WAY more than 24 hours. The SSL Status is still: Authorizing Certificate! Please help! Domain name is and it’s my business website that I am migrating to WordPress. I even activated and configured the WordPress Plugin.

Open a Support ticket. They can manually re-start the process: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Yes, Thank You. That’s what I did and support said it was an error on their end, and they’re re-ordered the SSL Cert for my site. The status on the dashboard now says “initializing certificate”. I’m just praying that they can prioritize this request and not make me wait another 24 hours; it was an error on their end after all!

Thanks again Bud!

If it hits 24 hours (again), hop on over to this thread to escalate:


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