SSL Certificate Status Error


I’ve recently changed one of my domain from one cloudflare website to another.

Unfortunately, it recently starting experiencing issue with the Edge SSL Certificate, but only in some case.

For example on my phone, I have NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORIZTY_INVALID but only while in 4G.
On my server, when I do a curl I get a curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired, but not on my computer.

I’ve also got report of some user experiencing this issue, but not all.

(But for example on a subdomain I don’t have the issue in 4G, but I still do on my server)

Thanks :slight_smile:

The issue is probably unrelated to the hostname or connection method, but to the browser/user-agent making the request.

Some detail is available on the Let’s Encrypt community: OpenSSL Client Compatibility Changes for Let’s Encrypt Certificates - API Announcements - Let's Encrypt Community Support

There are two main ways to fix:

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Nice, thanks a lot, it fixed the issue !

Hopefully one day all clients will be updated and this will no longer be required ^^’

Unfortunately, unsupported clients will never be updated. Like that old Android device that’s been handed down five times since the aughties.

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