SSL Certificate showing as signed by lets encrypt


I’m new to Cloudflare and decided to swap out my letsencrypt SSL for a 15 year Cloudflare one, at first I was getting an invalid certificate warning but after I uploaded a CA it changed.
When I check in cPanel it shows the following:
Domains: Cloudflare Origin Certificate
Issuer: Cloudflare, Inc.

Expiration: Apr 28, 2036 4:53:01 PM

But when viewing the information on the browser bar it shows the following:

Signed by LetsEncrypt and expiring in 90 days?

My website is if anyone can help me I would be greatful

That website is proxied by Cloudflare. It will show you whatever certificate Cloudflare provisioned at the edge for the proxy server. Your origin certificate works behind the scenes to complete the encrypted connection at your server.

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Thank you, so does that mean it will renew itself? or will I need to do anything?

You’re all set for the foreseeable future. You probably picked the 15 year term for the origin certificate, and Cloudflare auto-renews the proxy certificate.

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Thank You… I honestly searched google for 2 hours before eventually coming here :see_no_evil:

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I checked this earlier today and it was a holding page - it was showing the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

I’ve just checked it again and now it has a new page and it’s behind Cloudflare - but the certificate is still a Let’s Encrypt one:

I have tested with two browsers on my desktop and a browser inside a sandbox VM.

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