SSL certificate showing as not configured despite being installed - Domain not working

After installing an SSL certificate, I am experiencing a problem where I see the lock icon indicating that it is installed, yet I get an error message stating that “There is no SSL certificate configured for this domain” when trying to access my domain. This problem persists even after using the “Purge everything” option (I thought it would clear the cache on both ends.)

The problem started when I used the new nameservers for my domain -at first it stuck in pending status even though I got the message that Cloudflare is protecting my site. After deactivating Always Use HTTPS, I got a message that the status was Active. Until that point I could see my domain’s page. After reverting back to Always Use HTTPS I get this message and that’s it. I have also experimented with SSL/TLS encryption mode from Flexible to Full to Full(Strict) but with no results.

My domain is and I also have a sub-domain.

Last minute edit: I get an error code 526 now.


Unfortunately, your domain was deleted. I can recommend you to follow this:

Be aware that, subdomains with more than first level of domain, needs an Advanced Certificate.

Then you need to understand the Encryption modes · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

Take Care!

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