SSL certificate (sectigo), not appearing correctly

I just installed my (just renewed) sectigo certificate on my apache2 (ubuntu) webhost for my site

this certificate should be expiring next year:
6/10/2025 it says in my cheapsslshop admin panel …

However, after restarting apache2 service (and purging cloudflare cache), in my chrome browser when inspecting the certificate I am getting “expiry Friday 28 June”
(also that it was issued 30 March, which is also not true. Also, that it’s using Lets Encrypt?!)

Also here getting “expiry in 42 days”: SSL Checker

Is Cloudflare interfering with my SSL certificate?

My CF settings for the domain is as follows:

Yes. That is how Cloudflare works when you have :orange: proxied your hostname.

Your Sectigo certificate protects your traffic between your origin server and the Cloudflare proxy. Traffic between your visitors and the Cloudflare proxy is protected by an edge certificate. That means that the certificate your vistors will see is provided by Cloudflare. Using your own certificate ay the Cloudflare edge requires Custom certificates which are only available on Business and Enterprise subscriptions.