SSL Certificate renewal - ERROR


We are trying to approve the SSL Certificate for our website, but the Cloudflare system keeps showing an error while attempting to validate our domain.

Could you please look into this and fix the error ASAP, so we can renew the SSL Certificate for our website? It expires this Sunday 26th of June! Please find the screenshot attached below for your reference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further help or assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you soon with more information.

Having the exact same problem with our site. Unfortunately, by the look of the other threads here, the most likely outcome looks to be no response and the thread being automatically closed and marked as ‘resolved’ after 15 days :frowning:

I’ve never seen that page before. How are you accessing it?

Got an email notification with the request for SSL Certificate Renewal.

What SSL cert are you using? Universal, custom or one through ACM?

Having the same issue here, and CF directs me on the page to contact their support email or call, but both options provide no assistance since I am on a free account. I can’t visibly see anything wrong inside of my account either, so I’m almost wondering if this was an unintentional/incorrect automated email. But I definitely want to confirm.

The Edge Certificates in there both have an expiration date 1 year out, as of the day I received the email. I’ve also added the CNAME entry that the email requested.

Hopefully someone can provide more information about this issue.

What email address was it from?

[email protected]

Also here is the email received (domain blacked out)

And this is what I see in my account for Edge Certs on this domain, which gives me no indication that anything is wrong. Curious if @micucci sees something similar, or any signs of a problem inside of their account.

That’s odd, the edge certificates are the ones that get shown to end users and are auto-renewed, so you shouldn’t get an email to verify. I’m wondering is something is messed up on digicert sides where they don’t know it’s a Cloudflare domain.


Do you both see a universal certificate that is managed and expiring next year or some time that is not soon?

same here - from [email protected]

I believe this is due to the sites being on a partner integration or CNAME setup and not using Cloudflare DNS. That is why the certificates are for individual hostnames and not wildcards. If you already have a new certificate listed under SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates then you shouldn’t need to do anything. If the cert is getting to expiry and there is no new certificate issued then let us know if the instructions and links in the email are not working.


I see a similar expiry on our Edge certificate (6/2023), but was never able to complete the registration renewal process, so something looks to be screwed up on Cloudflare’s end. Either the renewal emails went out by mistake, or our certificate renewal did work, despite saying it didn’t.

We have seen this a couple of times now, and these emails seem to be going out by mistake when the renewal actually already worked. As @domjh said, if you can see an active SSL certificate in the Edge certificate section of the Cloudflare Dashboard, then everything is fine.
This is an issue that we are working to address, but for now, please manually check to confirm if this is an actual issue or if the email was sent by mistake.

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We are still unable to verify SSL for one of the domain extensions:

That hostname is not proxied by Cloudflare, so it’ll never pass HTTP verification.

Nor do you need an Edge Certificate, since it’s not on Cloudflare. As a Partial CNAME Setup, the only hostname that matters here is ‘www’.

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