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I bought SSL certificate from They told that I have Cloudflare SSL certificate used right now. So do I need even buy SSL certificate or I can use Cloudflare system SSL certificate for free?

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You don’t necessarily need to buy a certificate, but you still need a certificate for your server.

That could be either the one you bought, a Let’s Encrypt one, or even a Cloudflare Origin certificate. But you do need a certificate on your server.


I bought certificate on but they telling me that it cannot be enabled because Cloudflare uses own SSL certificate. So I don’t know if I need to buy any certificate or auto-renew something.

Was the certificate issued?

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Here is what they sent me. Direct IP address to my has AlphaSSL certificate. On Cloudflare IP it has CF certificate.

So they told may be need to auto-renew something or not sure.

I am not quite sure what they are saying but it’s hardly correct. Them issuing a certificate has nothing to do with Cloudflare and if they need to verify something they need to tell you what to do. Cloudflare won’t be involved here.

But again, you can also simply use of the free certificates I mentioned.

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Hang on, if you are saying you are getting a different certificate when you connect directly, then that’s not a problem with certificate issuance, but when your DNS record is proxied you will always get the proxy certificate and not the server one.

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Ok on 24th my old SSL certificate will expire and I will look if it works already. Thank you.

The certificate you currently have on your server expires next year. You will need to renew that next year, but the configuration itself is correct.

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Yes next year it will expire - the server certificate. Do I need to make something in this month for example?

Thanks a lot for your answers Sandro.

From what I can tell your certificate should be in place.

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