SSL certificate pending, tried recommended steps

We started using the free plan through Siteground.

The SSL certificate is now pending validation for 2 days. As such we cannot use Cloudflare yet and we are very much looking forward to using it.

When I enable our site in Cloudflare I get an error on the site ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

Any help is appreciated.

As you did this through Siteground, I’m not sure how well the recommended steps work for a third party integration. Have you asked Siteground for assistance with their Cloudflare setup?

Dear Sdayman,

Thanks for your response! We indeed checked Siteground support already and they stated the settings at the SiteGround part were all well configured and as such they referred me to Cloudflare support.



It’s difficult to support Siteground’s configuration. If it was a direct setup on Cloudflare, these instructions should fix the problem:

re: It’s difficult to support Siteground’s configuration.

So do you mean the issue is most probably at siteground ?

Contacted siteground support again who confirmed everything is setup properly.

I just upgraded Cloudflare to a paid subscription in order to get support via Email (we have been trying now for over a week to get this working), but I cannot find where to contact support through email.

Looking forward to any assistance.

Siteground took another looked and seemed like a config issue after all.

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