SSL certificate on www. version of staging site

I cannot access my staging site on siteground ( due to an SSL error on the www. version. I have tried toggling the enable/disable Universal feature. Do I need to pay for a premium version of the SSL certificate or pay for another certificate for my www. staging site? Siteground support sent me here. Thank you in advance for your help.

The problem in your case is that you are redirecting to www.staging2 and by that run into that issue.

You either remove that redirect or sign up for the $10 a month ACM which will issue the necessary certificate on the proxies as well.

But that’s really something your host should clarify for you as you are not using a proper Cloudflare setup but only your host’s integration.


I agree my host should have told me since I went through their support first. I’ll look for how to add the ACM on Cloudflare. Thank you sandro!

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