SSL Certificate not working on my website

My ssl certificate in website is showing invalid therfore triggering chrome to say that I am trying to fool people.
My website-

    What the matter is that couple of days ago my domain expired, my site was already having a valid ssl certificate from Cloudflare. Now when I renewed the domain it is showing that I am having an Invalid SSL Certificate.
                     Now the SSL now active more than 24 hours it still shows invalid certificate. The SSL option is on full and HTTPS option is also enabled. Please help

Hi @drmine05,

Your site loads fine for me with a Cloudflare certificate. I suspect it is a cached value on your end, do you see the expired cert from your server?

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I dont know what happened there but when I was writing the article there was the problem but now it is solved

I am very very sorry to bother you and by the way Thank you

No problem, glad it is solved :slight_smile:

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