SSL Certificate not working in my website

I got SSL Certificate from cloudflare for 15 days. But when I check SSL checker it says SSL certificate will be expire after 89 days. why is this?
My Website not look secured after use cloudflare

After add my Cloudflare SSL certificate in my hostinger domain name “hot newsfan. com” now my site show that my site is not secured why is this?

I clear my browser cache. I restart my devide , used different divice, restart my router but it says same thing my site is not secured.

[I Got SSL Certificate from Cluld fare for 15 years but it says certificate will be expire after 89 days]

What should I do now . Please give me solution

Presumably years. But I would recommend to take a look at How Cloudflare works · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs to get an understanding of how Cloudflare works.

As long as your site loads fine on HTTPS and you are using Full Strict as encryption mode (and no other), your site is secure. If it is not Full Strict, change it right now to Full Strict.

That service simply got the proxy certificate which is automatically managed by Cloudflare and has a different expiration date than the server certificate, but all of that is explained by the linked page.

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I did full strict now website look like this

This is not an SSL issue but an issue with your DNS resolver.

The site resolves and loads fine

Maybe switch to another DNS resolver or talk to your ISP to get that fixed.

You actually typed the wrong domain in your screenshot.

This is write domain

Addressed at SSL Certificate not working in my website - #5 by sandro, you are not resolving the proxies but the origin. That’s a local DNS issue and not Cloudflare related.

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