SSL Certificate not working for two sites?


I have two websites registered with Cloudflare


When I added the second one it broke the SSL certificate of the first one. I think I am wrong here, can’t we have valid certificates for more than one website?

Weirdly, the https redirection is not working either. If anyone could clear things up please.


Which site exactly does not work any more?

journeytamarindo is not going through Cloudflare.

Why would it stop? The DNS say it is, no?

29%20PM which is the first one I brought to Cloudflare.

Still not working tho. Maybe I wait a few minutes?

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Understandable. They have moved some things around. We’ll get used to it eventually.

Still not working tho. Maybe I wait a few minutes?

What doesn’t work? Both sites work fine for me.

It is resolving fine, it’s probably a caching issue on your side.

Is it redirecting to https and is the certificate valid?


If you hit your server and dont have a certificate that wouldnt be a surprise. Flush your DNS cache or simply wait a few hours.

Yes and yes for me!

Journeyschool has a lot of Mixed Content:

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Weird. How come it does neither to me?

As @sandro said, probably caching!

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Yep, had to wait for a bit . Thanks all!!!


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