SSL Certificate not working after few days

Hi there, I have built my website on webflow and connected the domain to Cloudflare, which was previously on Godaddy. It runs fine at first but after few days when I typed the domain in my browser it’s no longer secure. I tried to redo the setup and the same thing happen again. can anybody help me ?

Have you enabled “Always Use HTTPS”?

What is the domain?

Yes I’ve done it. the domain is

It doesn’t look like Cloudflare is proxying your website. Are your website’s DNS records :orange: Proxied? And it’s not paused on the Overview page of your account dashboard?

Still, though, I don’t see any warnings.

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The DNS setting on Cloudflare is “DNS Only”. It seems to work now but I will wait few days to make sure, it’s running properly.
Thank you @sdayman for your help!

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