SSL certificate not valid after cloudflare accessed our DNS records

Hello, two websites at issue: beyondnuclear org and archive beyondnuclear org. Both are listed as having Cloudflare as DNS. After Cloudflare and 48in48 accessed our DNS records Dec 11, our archive site certificate is no longer valid. Squarespace says I need to “correct” the DNS record but I never changed anything. Then I log in to see two other sets of folks accessed and did I-don’t-know-what at the time we started having the trouble. Please check that what you did did not cause this issue. I will also check with 48 in48 again. Thanks.

Cloudflare will never make changes to your records. Ever.

Have you intentionally invited 48in48 to your account? I see they are an admin member,

Check your audit log for 12/11, , it appears 48in48 did a backup, added and deleted some records. Some of this was done via the api and some done directly by the other member of your account, 48n48. I suspect they also did the changes via the api on the 11th.

You only have one site beyondnuclear org in your account.

I do not know what that means, the site loads with ssl in place for me just fine. Can you share steps to reproduce the issues and more details about the issue?

Hello, Cloonan,

Thanks for all of your helpful replies. Below is some further info on this case. I am also following up with 48in48 and Squarespace as noted.

To the point of DNS record access and audit log records:

Here is a screenshot of the audit logs.

The details of these entries look like they include DNS record alterations among other things. It looks like both Cloudflare and 48in48 have made various changes. Am I reading that wrong?

I know when I looked yesterday, 48in48 had an audit log change for Dec 11. Oddly, now 48in48 doesn’t have any audit log records per these screenshots, until Dec 14. It appears that the Cloudflare audit logs are changing. Is that possible? Am I reading them correctly?

DNS records hosting:

MXtools says Cloudflare is the DNS host, but today I checked other DNS lookup sites and they say it is Squarespace, which is what I thought originally. I’m troubleshooting this issue with Squarespace now as their records seem incorrect with respect to the cname record.

Periodic access to archive beyondnuclear org:

Originally I couldn’t access this site, by directly typing the url, through either Firefox or Safari. Now it seems like I can access it hit or miss on Firefox with the “miss” giving me this message: “The page isn’t redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.” If I clear all history on Safari it will let me access the site directly again.

The link to archive from beyondnuclear org has never worked for me, giving me the same message from Firefox as a direct url. For Safari the message says it can’t establish a secure connection, but this doesn’t seem to bother Safari when I type the url directly.

Sorry for the long message, but the devil is in these details somewhere. I just need to find it and fix it. Thanks