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I am using wordpress. I set up a cloudflare account and changed my name servers to cloudflares.
The SSL is active and I have also download the cloudflare plugin for wordpress and linked the two together.

For some reason the SSL won’t work it appears to be pointing to the wrong place. I get the following error.

*The CA Root certificate is not trusted.

Tt’s says the certification has been issued by mydomainname should this be cloudflare?

Any help on this?


The site loads without a certificate error for me over https. Check to make sure your DNS cache is flushed (your site should resolve to a 104.x.x.x. address when you do a ping on your local machine.

You do have a mixed content issue (loading some assets over http) but the cert itself is fine.


I flushed the DNS. Still the same result. It’s says the certificate is self signed? See image below



Also when i ping the site resolves to a 78.x.x. address


I think i have discovered the issue. I am using windows 7 and its dosen’t support TSL 1.2 is there a way of downgrading the TSL version?


Yes on the Crypto tab you can change your minimum, TLS version.

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