SSL certificate not released even if website is removed from Cloudflare

I recently transferred my server hosting from blogger to Hostinger. Domain is registered by google.

Was using Cloudflare earlier. Removed my website from Cloudflare when I moved to Hostinger. But am not able to configure the HTTPS.

When I checked google domains settings, I see that the SSL certificates are still held by Cloudflare. Could that be the issue? How do I release them from Cloudflare?

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As i just saw your website now your doesn’t have a SSL certificate installed .

@user21570 So now everything is ok right ?

What exactly is the issue? Yes, Cloudflare naturally got certificates for your domain, but these certificates are in no way an issue. You can issue new ones at any time. Go to and get new ones and configure them with your host. Actually, your host should do that.

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