SSL certificate not change

I added an SSL certificate, but after checking through the certificate didn’t change.

Where? What exactly do you mean?

The certificate on your site matches your screenshot

I click Create certificate and fill in “Certificate Signing Request”.

I buy SSL certificate on REG.RU.

That is something you need to configure on your server.

But even then you won’t have that in your browser, as that certificate will only show up for the proxies.

I configured on my server and ask server support. Support answer that I need install SSL certificate in CloudFlare.

Would you be comfortable to share your server IP address here?

There is no Origin certificate in place, only a self-signed one. That will also mean you have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare.

Configure the certificate you got from Cloudflare and switch to “Full strict”.

You can also remove the IP address now.

It was not me who received this certificate, but the developers of the website and information about this certificate is not available. Why can’t I install a third-party certificate from

You can also install a certificate from them. It really does not matter. You need a valid certificate, that’s all. Either an Origin certificate or a publicly valid certificate. Right now your site is not really secure.

Today I buy SSL certificate for 1 year. And on screenshots above show that the certificate expiration date is 2021-09-02. But after checkout 2020-10-03 (

I already addressed that, you need to read what I wrote.

What you need to do at this point is configure that certificate on your server. As long as your server does not have a valid certificate, there is no point in discussing anything else.

I configured certificate in ism manager on my server.

I change to “Full (strict)” and see error 526 and see, that certificate right (available until 2021 ).

I am afraid that is something you need to clarify with your host. You need to configure that certificate, that’s the bottom line.

And yes, you should have “Full strict” but as long as you have an invalid certificate you will certainly get the 526 error.

When I change to “Full” site work well.

Ok, I need to contact support my server?

That’s actually described on the page anyhow. Full does not validate the certificate and hence is insecure.

Yes, you need to contact your host.

Did I set up the SSL certificate correctly in my account CloudeFlare (beside full strike)?

The edge certificate on Cloudflare is managed by Cloudflare automatically. Nothing to do there.

After installing of certificate subdomain not work. Subdomain not use ssl. - error 521