SSL Certificate Not Authorizing 4 days



Hey Guys,

The site is

The SSL Certificate Not Authorizing for my site and it has been 4 days.

What do I need to do to fix the issue?



Contact support: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Anyone know how to solve this problem? I’ve contacted support, but they are very slow and I have 2 sites down due to the SSL certificates not correctly renewing at CloudFlare. Its been stuck on “Initializing Certificate” for days.


Post the ticket #. The mods check in from time to time to push open tickets along.


Thanks for the tip. the ticket # is 1519170


Looks like one of our support engineers is investigating. He should have more info for you shortly. Sorry for the delays.



I’m going to ask the simple, I see the SSL is pointing to
Not Critical
DNS Name:
DNS Name: *
DNS Name:
DNS Name: *
DNS Name:
DNS Name: *
DNS Name:

Did you try and set it to Flexible, so insecure pages would pass?


Request #1519712


Thanks Eric3
Yes, I did set SSL to Flexible


Thanks Ryan!

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