SSL Certificate, Netsuite Website Not Secure

Netsuite Hosted Website Showing as Not Secure.
Netsuite requires me to download a CSR, and then upload a CSR or PEM file back to Netsuite.
When I try to do this with Cloudflare and upload the certificate to Netsuite there are errors.
Netsuite Support advises that the Cloudflare SSL includes Subject Alternative Name (SAN) fields which are not supported by Netsuite.
Not supported items are as follows:
not supported:

  • Wildcard certificates
  • Self-signed certificates
  • ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) SSL certificates
  • Subject Alternative Name (SAN) fields on an SSL certificate (that is, adding multiple domain names to a single certificate). Only the Subject Name on a certificate is considered. In cases where SANs are specified on a certificate (using a subjectAltName field), they are ignored.

There is a mismatch between your CSR and SSL Certificate generated in Cloudflare. Specifically, the Common Name and Subject Alternative Names fields do not match. The Common Name should be “,” and the wildcard entry in the Subject Alternative Names field needs to be removed, as it is not supported in NetSuite.

Please help me identify a solution. I’m not sure what to do to fix these website not secure issues.

Thank you.

Update. I tried the following but these efforts did not work either in the SSL Origin Certificate section.

I tried the following. When creating the certificate I removed * so it only created a certificate for for this first file I uploaded a NS CSR file to create it. It is attached.

But got this error: Certificate file does not contain the SSL certificate for this domain. Upload correct certificate.

I then tried to just generate an origin certificate from Cloudflare without uploading a CSR but only picked with no *

But got this error:
Certificate is invalid

The Cloudflare origin certificate is self-signed and only trusted by Cloudflare. You likely need to get a certificate from LetsEncrypt or another trusted CA for the certificate to be accepted by Netsuite from what you report they are returning.