SSL certificate missing wildcard domain

I have a domain running through a free plan that despite showing an edge certificate for the domain itself and the wildcard for subdomains, the certificate is loading with only the root domain and is missing the wildcard domain. So anyone vising a subdomain that is set up as a CNAME for the root domain is encountered with a mismatched SSL certificate error.
As it appears that the certificate is managed by Cloudflare and I don’t have any ability to try re-creating it, how would one go about fixing that?

I did send an email to the support email, but it’s been a few days and I haven’t heard anything back.

So you have proxied subdomain records pointing to your webhost but they’re getting an invalid certificate warning in the browser?

That is correct. And in viewing the certificate, it’s only showing the root domain and not the *
I have several other sites set up the same way and they all have that wildcard domain on the certificate.

The only time I’d expect it to be exclusively the specific hostname rather than a wildcard is when using something like Cloudflare Pages.

Does this certificate match the expiry of your wildcard/apex certificate from ?

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