SSL certificate mismatch on old android

I recently created a website It works flawless with https integrated and cache working as expected. The only problem is that few of website visitors report that they are getting SSL certificate mismatch error on android chrome. I do know that their android version is 6.01 or above. I wasn’t able to create that error myself either. I couldn’t help but ask why was it happening. My https rewrite is on. The problem is really random

Your visitors probably visited the site before a certificate had been issued and installed across the Cloudflare network. The certificate was only issued in the last few hours.

If they close the browser and reopen the issue should be gone.

From the documentation free certificates support the following:

Minimum supported mobile browsers:

  • Mobile Safari on iOS 4.0
  • Android 4.0 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”)
  • Windows Phone 7

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