SSL certificate issues

Hi, can anyone help me out what is the best practice to generate ssl certificates with dns managed by cloudflare and need to generate ssl certificates for multiple domains in shared server and also need to auto renew.


Have any of them expired, been revoked or are invalid? If your getting the 525: Invalid certificate error, then it’s one of the issues above probably, but if not then what’s the issue?

Take a look at these articles which contain lots of useful info regarding SSL certificates on Cloudflare:

On your hosting server, you can always use something like Let’s Encrypt to request certificates. On Cloudflare, I recommend either Full or Full (strict) for your SSL/TLS encryption mode.


I would recommend using a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.
You can generate for each domain and then upload/install it at your host/origin, while having Full SSL (Strict) mode between the user, Cloudflare and your origin/host server.

More information about it can be found on the article below:


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